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Abandoned Miami Book Two, Stay Out takes you to the various haunted mansions throughout South Florida and their convoluted history. It focuses on the photos of these beautiful spaces and adds information on the families that once lived there to give a clearer picture about what happened.  When a house becomes abandoned, it is usually because of a tragedy, and the information is difficult to gather because of the pain associated with the loss.

Many places get bulldozed shortly after abandonment, and urban explorers try to capture the essence of these places before they are never seen again. From a forgotten rocket which never made it to the moon, to a castle with a sealed fate, the Abandoned Miami Series will take you into the lost places of Miami's past. Between photos, historical facts, and personal perspective, Tanya Velazco tries to blend her real-life experiences with the stories of these locations to give a wider view of what these places were in the past.

This book will show you places in Miami you never knew existed.

Abandoned Miami: Stay Out (Unsigned Copy)

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