Discussion 2: Wandering Map

T. Velazco


Prof. Jillian D' Alessio


Wandering Map

Discussion 2


I think my life took me in a certain direction and I have just always followed it. I can't say I didn't know this all already. I discovered that most of what I have done or want to do centers around adventure, writing, photography and teaching. Thankfully I can do it all, because it all mixes well together!

I also discovered that I am a person that sticks to one thing. I have always seen myself as being sort of ADD and a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none but looking at this I realized that I am an artist that has stuck to my career path. I have always kept honing my craft. It is because of this that I was asked to teach at MDC, also appear on TV for my photos, and that now I was contracted to write a book about my explorations and photography. I was more determined and more of a follow-through person than I ever thought. My life has been a direct path of my art and my passions. I am actually pretty proud of myself and my accomplishments more than I was before.

I'm not some chicken with my head cut off just going through the motions. I use hard work and discipline to follow through in my artistic projects, and in turn this has made people interested in my work and my vision. All those countless hours editing a photo project, or a paper have created a large portfolio that I can show off. I'm actually really amazed. I've done more in my life than most of the people I know who got a degree at 21!

I also discovered I am an out-of-the-box thinker and a self-starter. I make my own path. I have never just gotten a job. I made my own business. I remember when I was younger, my cousin's husband stood next to me and told me, "Tanya, you spend so much time sitting on that computer doing stupid photos. That's not ever going to make you money!" Well, I'm not rich from it yet, but I have not had to work a 9-5 job since I was 25. I remember when I first got my photography job from my portfolio of pictures of abandoned places, and telling him. He was shocked. I said, "Never gonna make money off of it huh?" He had to congratulate me. Yeah, that felt good.

I have never been scared of being broke. I was always more scared of being mediocre. I want to share a quote with you. One that expresses my life philosophy. I have looked for it again a million times, and I can't find it so I am glad that I made it into a pretty photo meme. (That's my photo in the background. The lights of the old Sofitel on the water of the canal in St. Dominic's Church)

My life has been a constant fashioning of my final offering to this life force. Hopefully the day I die I will be at peace and know it was all worth it. That is my rebellion to death.

Dylan Thomas states:

Do not go softly into the good night.

Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.

Every day I wake up and I rage against the dying of the light of another day. There never seems to be enough hours for all the things I want to do...


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