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The Wall: Chapter One


Welcome to my website. I started writing this book almost three years ago, but it became very difficult to write with single mom life in the way. In between that time, I was professionally published for two other books about my photography. I also finished my university degree. While I love telling stories about my adventures, I have always been a lover of science and political fiction. Now with the threat of the coronavirus, I have all the time in the world to write. This story was personally one of my favorites out of all the ones I had on the back burner. Personally, it seemed the most interesting and relevant to the times we are currently living. Unfortunately, it was the one with the least chapters written. The story is stuck right now in my head.

Instead of trying to rush the story out, I thought it would be interesting to do a little writing experiment. I’m going to finish one chapter every two weeks, and your job as a reader will be to keep me focused. Don’t worry though, I can write more than 5,000 words in a regular sitting, so one chapter every two weeks is easy for me. The thing that will probably suffer the most will be the editing, so bear with me.

My biggest problem is that I am medically diagnosed ADHD, and my mind likes to wander around. I have about six chapters written for twelve books. No, I’m not kidding. All are half-way done.

The main idea here is to put some fire under my butt so I finish this book once and for all. You, the reader, will act like my former publishers, which were wonderful inspiration when finishing those two other books. I can’t tell you how many emails I got with the words, “Tanya, when will you have the full manuscript ready?” Yet, it’s that nagging that kept me fully focused and helped me finish.

I know if people are interested I will focus on just one story instead of twelve. It has worked for other writers, so I am hoping it will work with this. Having the public nag me will be a good way to keep my brain on track. My personal promise is to not to be a George RR Martin. The only thing I ask is you let me know what you liked or didn’t like here in the comments, or on my personal Twitter, (@tvelazcoauthor).

I already have the backbone of the story clearly outlined, but it will be fun to see if it morphs into something different because of comments from my readers. I can’t promise I will stray too far, but I will definitely carefully consider every suggestion. I only ask you remain respectful, because it has taken a lot of convincing to even put this out there. Also, this is my first full novel and I am already pretty insecure about my writing. I don’t need your help on that, trust me. I honestly like this story though, and I really like the characters that are screaming to be let out of my head. I am hoping you will feel the same for them. So with that, here is the synopsis and of course, the first chapter.



Nathan is a reporter writing a book on the revolution that changed the world into a perfect utopia. When he looks out into the horizon, there are ruins of an abandoned walled city. When he was younger, his grandparents told him many stories about this relic and all the ancient ways in which they lived. Back then, social and economic classes were so wide that the rich decided to separate themselves from the poor by creating fully functional cities within walls.

As Nathan goes piecing history from some of the leaders behind the peaceful revolt that took place on the outside to create a fully functioning self-sufficient ecological governing system, he uncovers a darker truth—their paradise was paved with the blood of a few hundred million people. Is it still truly paradise if so many were killed to create it?

Every chapter will be conveniently formatted for your phone.

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The Wall by Tanya Velazco-Chapter One-The Leader
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