Tap Chat Story: A.I. Dreams of Love

Mike Larson created the FIONA prototype. She is the most sophisticated A.I. the world has ever seen. FIONA was created to be a companion to a man in every way. Besides, being smart, Mike made her with extra parts for special services. When the coder, Mike's best friend and coworker, finds out her secret, he uses it behind Mike's back to please himself and almost breaks the her. The AI has a revenge plan though.

This story is for mature audiences only.

Tap stories are a fun bite sized way to read stories by tapping on your screen to see the dialogue. It's like spying on a text conversation. Unfortunately, TapChat doesn't let me export my stories, so you will have to read it on their app.

#erotica #sexy #sexual #mature #adult #sexrobot #Ai #robot #female #sexualabuse #violated #betrayal #romance #kissing #sex

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