It calls me like a lover back to its body.

veins pumping




and beckons me

with lips half parted and legs open to me,

to make my way back to it once again.

Glimpses of you send me into ecstatic frenzy.

your lights

your music

your film

I am lost inside you.

My stomach aches for you.

I am dizzy thinking of you,

for I know you well.

You make love to me with

your art

your creativity

but then slap me with

your coldness.

Yours is a strange love...

I left bitter.

You left me frazzled

entangled in this web of my mind.

I feel you

So deeply I feel your energy.

I can't wait to touch you.

Feel your concrete beneath my legs again.

Ride your trains to anywhere.

Get lost in your streets.

I am helpless against your long skyline towering above me.

Just once.

Maybe just once more,

in October when your air kisses my cheeks,

makes my lips rosy,

and I have to wear coats to hug me warm.

Maybe just once more I will make love to you,

as long as you let me go,

and let me come in and out at will.

I refuse to be trapped within you.

I can't stand loving you,

but I do.

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