Out of Body Dreams and The Black Eyed Children

When I was younger, I used to meditate a lot. It got to a point where I got pretty good at it. I was able to go out of body several times. In this world, I was able to go wherever I wanted. Most of the places I went were beautiful beyond the imagination. I can't pinpoint or remember exactly the day it started, but my first experience with one of these entities was in a dream with my mother. It had turned into my mom in a dream and asked me for a kiss. My mom is very affectionate so she is always giving us hugs and kisses so I naturally got closer. All I remember is the thing grabbing my face and feeling like it wanted to suck my face off. I quickly tore away and woke up. As time went on they started appearing more and more. They came as my boyfriend, my boss. Anyone they could find to trick me. One very distinctive pattern was that they would all ask for some type of affection, they all had pure black eyes and they all wanted to suck my face off. I got pretty good at defending myself to the point that my waking life was almost a half zombie state because I spent all night trying to fight these things off. One night I went into my meditation and I saw the third eye opening in my field of vision, but instead of going through the portal(wormhole looking thing) I would normally go to when I would go out of body, I skipped that and went straight into the middle of a street with oncoming traffic. I knew this must be them so I fought extremely hard and somehow managed to get back into my body. This happened 3 times. I would sit and mediate, my third eye would open and I would be thrown out of my body. I guess normal people may have gotten scared at this point, or maybe I'm just stupid, but I kept trying to meditate to go to the world regardless. There are two last situations I encountered and they were years apart. Mainly because I got really annoyed and pissed at them for throwing me out of my body, and secondly because I think they realized I was getting better at outsmarting them. The first one started innocently enough. I was in my house, and I was going out to a fair. This dream was just lucid, not out of body, btw. So I walked out of my house and was instantly at the fair and there were tons of people walking around. All of a sudden I hear people everywhere talking about a serial killer on the loose. Everyone is whispering it and my dread within the dream was exponentially growing. There were people in animal costumes everywhere. Those big headed bear and character costumes you see at parties, etc. I kept wondering if any of them were the serial killer and I was on high alert. I remember walking into a bathroom, and I am suddenly back in my house. The serial killer was standing directly in front of me. He was not a clear image. Kind of shaky and blurred. His eyes were pure black. He says to me "look I cut up your whole family up into pieces and put them under the table. " Now a normal person would probably scream or fight, but out of nowhere I understood what it was. I understood it couldn't hurt me, and that neither him nor the other ones I had met had any power over me. All this frustration and at the same time humor burst out of me with the words, "That's nice. I turn you into a wicker basket!" Just like that he turned into a basket. I started shredding the basket into pieces with my bare hands making sure it would never be able to go back to it's original shape. I saw a bird outside and called to it and it surprisingly landed on my arm. It was a blue bird and I said, "take this to the space station so it goes to the moon." In my mind, I theorized that separating the entity would destroy it. The bird took it and flew away and I never saw them again for the time being but I said I had two situations though. Years later after taking a pill of ecstasy at a friend's house and dancing all night, I went home and showered and laid in bed. I quickly fell into a strange dream where everything looked like a black and white negative. All there was, was a white bathtub. Everything else was black, and the white of the bathtub looked like a negative image of a black bathtub. Anyone who has developed film will know that color. I hear a voice say "will you take a bath with me?" I thought, well why not? So I held out my left hand. All of a sudden all of my left body was frozen. I started calling to all the saints and angels whose names I could remember and finally my body starts to regain control over my left side but I couldn't get out of the dream. I'm in my room in a very lucid state and certainly not fully in my body, but I didn't feel out of body either. He looked no older than 16, his eyes were pure black. He looked at me and innocently asked "why won't you let me lay with you?" I turned my head to not look at it and shouted in disgust GET OUT! GET THE F*** OUT! All of a sudden I turn back and his form is going through my wall and out of the house to the outside. I was stuck there in my room without being able to wake up so I started asking for help and my friend starts texting me and I wake up. This was the last I ever saw of any of them. This was in 1999. I stopped meditating and have since decided it is better to not go out of body for my own safety. Years go by and as the internet grows I was able to make some theories of what I experienced. I was looking into some stuff on the internet one day years later and and I come across the words, BLACK EYED CHILDREN. I quickly froze and just sat with my mouth open. As I read stories from 2002 it all started to make sense. What if these are inter dimensional entities that were trying to take my body? What if they were trying to materialize on this dimension and I was making it difficult? What if they started going to children instead because children are more gullible and susceptible and this is the reason why when they did appear in real life, they were mostly in children's bodies? I have never been able to fully explain what these things were and I have since met others that have had a similar experience. I have never met a person who got fully taken though. I have never personally seen any in real life but I think they got tired of messing with me. My daughter had a similar experience at 4, but I taught her the old wicker basket trick. Although she one upped me by making it a balloon and popped it. She has never seen the ones with black eyes though. She said what she saw was a shadow and had holes as eyes(she corrected me) She was so small and I had certainly never spoken to her about this until she came screaming to me in the middle of the night, so they may come back to take your children. Always remain aware in dreams... Life is truly stranger than fiction. All of this story is completely true. 

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