Contest Entry: The Reason For The Beast

Martin looked in Mr. Plover's room to make sure he was fast asleep. He tip-toed quietly down the hall making sure he was as quiet as possible. He knew if he woke up Plover's sister, he would end up in the quiet room.

Slowly, he opened the door to the study, walked in, and closed the door softly behind him. There, on the desk, was the amulet. He had seen Plover disappear when he used it, and realized that if he could travel with it, then maybe, he could finally get back into Fillory. He grasped it greedily, clutching it tightly with both hands, and was suddenly transported. The magic was strong. No magical abilities were needed, only an intention, and Martin had been brewing one for a long time.

Unfortunately, Martin's intention was based on anger. Anger for everything Plover had done to him, anger for his sister leaving him behind, angry at Fillory for abandoning him, and angry at himself for not standing up to it all. This time was different. The anger had brewed long enough that it had made his heart dark, and what Martin did not know, was that the amulet was a doorway into the darkest dimension in the universe. A world so evil and so bleak, that no one would come out of it as they were before.

He landed on a path. He looked around. There were huge fire pits swarming in the distance. There were warped, charred trees all around. "Where is this place?", Martin thought to himself more anxious than frightened.

Up ahead in the distance, a castle made of black onyx stood high in front of a tumultuous, fiery, orange-red sky. He decided if there was anyone that could tell him what this place was, they must be in that castle.

As Martin walked up, the huge metal doors opened, revealing an ornate foyer. Every piece of furniture was deep red, like the color of blood. From the right side, a pale figure stepped forward. "Ahhh Martin, you have finally arrived." Martin took a few steps back and fumbled. This thing's voice was so cold his heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces upon hearing it, but he knew this beast understood his pain.

"I know why you have come, but I have grander plans for you, my child." Martin opened his mouth to speak and his voice cracked. He had fear, but also a determination to understand why this beast even knew his name.

"Who are you? What is this place?", he demanded quietly. "Martin, I am the greatest sorcerer in this universe. Your guardian, the Mr. Plover, so quickly took my bait. He has darkness also, but not like you my boy. You shall make a fine soldier for the war I am about to start. You are here because you have things I will need if I am going to teach you the magic that will destroy the other worlds." "There are other worlds?" "You already know of three, Earth, Fillory and this one. But enough talk!"

With a wave of his hand, Martin was transported into a small cozy apartment. Strange books laid everywhere. "Martin, you have all you need here to avenge your anger. You can become greater than your sister, more powerful than Plover, and you can conquer Fillory. Use all your energy and wit to learn. I will come back for you in 13 months time." a with that, the beast disappeared. Curiously crafted titles lay all around. He realized he had been handed information banned across several universes to magicians. Not a moment went to waste. Using all of his darkness, the spells took home within his fingers. He became something otherworldly and intense beyond imagination. At night, the moths swarmed his reading light. The dark beast came to claim him exactly to the second he had arrived months before.

"I am ready my dark lord." Martin spoke. His voice was strong and full. The magic had changed his appearance, his voice and his demeanor. "As I knew you would be. Do you know what you must do?" "Destroy Fillory and Earth, and bring them to your reign." "Yes. Such an apt pupil. Go now. You have much work to do."


Martin went straight to Fillory to destroy everything his sister loved because he could now possess it. He had found the well spring and as he drank he slowly he grew in power while the magic of Fillory dwindled to a bare minimum.

Jane, upon seeing this destruction, immediately ran back to England. Now under the command of the beast, she was almost powerless there. She had been thrown out many times before but she realized he liked playing cat and mouse with her, and had allowed her back to battle. To him it was a game for him to pass the time. She couldn't defeat his magic, but he never tried to killed her.

One day while back on Earth, she came upon the friendship and guidance of a man by the name of Mr. Fogg. A powerful magician also, who was the Dean to a powerful school of magic called Brakebills. Then and there, she knew she had found the right place to defeat her brother.

She travelled in time so she could observe students, but none stood out. One day, going through a folder in her office of student names in 2013, she found one person that could defeat him if given the right circumstances and information.

After meeting him for the first time, she convinced Dean Fogg that this 18 yr old, by the name of Quentin Coldwater, had enough power and enough knowledge of Fillory to defeat this beast once and for all. The Dean agreed, and quickly started figuring out a plan, but the beast was always a step ahead.


The day the beast finally figured out how to enter Brakebills for the first time, no one knew exactly what he would do. Jane knew she had run out of time. The magic enchantments on Brakebills had been compromised and couldn't keep him out. Jane pleaded with Quentin that he was their last hope. "I'll try as much as I can, Jane." "Hurry Quentin there is not much time."


Back at the physical kid's dorm, Quentin explained the mission. "You want us to what?", Penny spoke up. "Look, she says I am the only one with the knowledge of Fillory to be able to defeat the beast." "Great, nerd boy wants to get us killed." Margo looked at Elliot with a face saying "Okay, he's crazy." Elliot sat up from his lounging position drink in hand, "You can't be serious. How do you expect us to do that?" "Look I don't know, we have to figure out some sort of battle magic."

Quentin was pacing, his anxiety growing greater because he knew he wasn't really convincing his friends.

Julia finally stood up, "I think I know how. It won't be easy to master, but I read it in a book on dark magic. Dean Fogg has to know what I am talking about, we could ask."

Alice, looked up and fixed her glasses, "Dean won't let us, but I know where we can find that spell."


When they arrived at the library, they convinced the librarian to let them see the restricted books by charming him with a puppet spell. While Julia kept the enchantment going, Alice and Quentin searched all the restricted books in the library.

"I think I found it", Alice whispered. "It's a spell to destroy a person with just a few words." Quentin looked over, "That spell in the wrong hands could definitely do some damage. Well write it down and let's get out of here. We have to start practicing."

They made sure to test only on trees and fish. Every time they uttered the last word the life force immediately drained out and left a shell of dust. "Um that right there is some crazy shit." Elliot spoke with his normal snarky tone, but looked awestruck for the first time in his life. "Well kids, let's do this." "Penny did you figure out the travel spell?" Quentin asked. "Yeah I think I got it this time." They all gathered around in a circle and landed in the middle of Fillory.


The beast thought, "How quaint, they think they can come defend Jane and give her good old Fillory back.", and transported himself right behind them. He watched as they all stood there looking for him.

"Looking for me?" The Beast smirked. "Now everyone!" Quentin yelled and they all held hands and spoke the words, but before they could utter the last one, the beast said a spell and cut off all their heads in one flick of his fingers.

Jane was watching and ran away in horror. She went straight to Dean Fogg. "It was terrible! They never stood a chance!" "Calm down. What if you create a time loop Jane, and change the circumstances around?" "Yes you are right! Create the right combination!" And so the loops began....


About this story:

This was for a contest on Wattpad where I had to write a fan fiction for a new episode of the Syfy Channel show, The Magicians. The story had to have a maximum of 1,500 words, which was very difficult to write. I may expand it in the future because I felt like I could have written a lot more. I didn't win, but one of my friends on Wattpad was nominated. Her story was amazing.

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