Discussion 3: LinkedIn Tips

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I have been on LinkedIn since its inception and have used it for over 10 years, so I feel I may have some insight for the newer folks. I also was able to listen to advice from Steve Cadigan, Former VP of Talent at Linkedin when he was speaking at a seminar where I was taking photos.

Photo I took of Steve Cadigan, former VP of Talent at LinkedIn

I always try to read any little tips and tricks from people I find online. According to LinkedIn, I am an ALL STAR user. (lolz) I think that just means I have my profile filled out at 100%. I think because of this, I appear in search engines more often on their service. I am always getting people looking at it. I lovingly call them my link stalkers.

I didn't get it to 100% it all at once. No way. I did it little by little. Always making sure to add co-workers, family and friends to build up my network at first, and it grew from there. It is at 884 people right now. Fill it out as much as possible at first and update it often.

Titles are hard to figure out at first. Relax and keep it simple. Don't over do it. Don't make up some bogus title to sound more important. Employers can spot the BS. I have 4 titles and while that may be pushing it, I am honestly known currently for all of those things. Be realistic with your titles. Remember, future employers will be looking at this profile and you don't want to say you are a Public Relations Manager, when all you have done is manage your school's website. You'd definitely stand out, but more as the day's joke they will mention by the water cooler. On that note, don't downplay yourself either. If you have been a manager say it. If you are great at Public Relations but don't have work experience only personal say Public Relations without the manager part.

Ask people that write well in English to write a nice recommendation for you. Sure your friend might love you, but if their grammar looks like it was written by a dyslexic 5 year old, you are best choosing someone who loves you less but writes better. Also ask them to include a comment on how well you do the thing you are trying to be known for. Mine was photography, so all of mine are about my photos. I didn't have to ask for a lot of them though. Only the first few. After that, people who really liked my work would suddenly be inspired to write one! I would wake up and see some awesome comments. I have 24 on my profile now! If you truly do what you love, people will love what you do.

Fill out all those job search bots and create alerts to let you know when jobs in your area with your specific keywords are hiring. Also make sure the key words you enter are for the exact jobs you want.

Don't be afraid to reach out to new people, but don't be creepy. I think I am speaking more about men here. LinkedIn is NOT, I repeat, NOT a dating site. I can't begin to tell you how obnoxious it is to find some message saying "Hey what's up. Are you single?" in my inbox. Then there are the ones that start talking to me like they are interested in my photo business, then swap and ask me out on a date. That's called bait and switch and it applies here too buddy, not just in advertising.

Finally, get a photographer to take a professional photo for you. It's important and because first impressions really are everything. A professional photo makes you look in charge and like you know what you are doing.

Good luck to all of you and happy Linking!

You can see my 100% finished profile here.


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