The Mind Behind the Words

Hi! My name is Tanya. I was a writing tutor at Wolfson Campus in the Learning Resources Department for a year. I have tutored all kinds of writing—APA, MLA, science, reading, philosophy, criminal justice, social science, speech and creative essays.

A Few Facts About Me

  • I’m a former Adjunct Professor of Photography at Miami Dade College Wolfson and Kendall Campuses, where I taught photography and photo editing for eight years.

  • Publications such as Robb Report, Ocean Drive, Brickell Magazine, and 944 featured me in spreads for my architectural photography work (

  • TV stations such as Channel 10, CNN in Espanol, and MegaTV, interviewed me for my abandoned photo project spanning 15 years, called Abandoned Muse (

  • I am featured in a documentary called "No Trespassing: The Art of Urban Exploration​," which won several awards in Florida and aired nationally on PBS.

  • MTV and Nickelodeon are former employers; I worked editing and shooting sets, respectively.

  • I am published by Arcadia Publishing for two non-fiction, historical titles—Abandoned Miami: No Trespassing & Abandoned Miami: Stay Out. Both titles took months of research and editing to complete. (You can find both online wherever books are sold. There is also a copy at the Downtown Miami Library.)


 If you have writer's block, don't know how to start that big essay or just need fresh eyes on a paper, make an appointment today on my website:

See you soon!